Vaccinations – Are they necessary? Are they safe?


There is always much debate regarding the necessity and frequency of dog and cat vaccinations. Vaccines are an artificial stimulus to the immune system, and as such are not completely risk-free, although the very low risk of a relatively mild complication associated with having a vaccine is massively outweighed by the very large risk of death or severe illness inherent in being unvaccinated!

We know that by vaccinating annually, we probably are giving vaccines more frequently than necessary in many cases; it is believed that in some animals a single vaccine can last several years. However, in some cases, the vaccine’s protection does not last much beyond 12-18 months. It is impossible to tell which animals retain immunity without doing regular blood checks of antibody levels, which is clearly impractical.

Therefore, we currently recommend annual vaccination for dogs and cats, but feel free to discuss vaccination frequency with your vet when you visit.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

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